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Founder, Micro Point Specialist

Mr. Kianoosh started his education and research in hair replacement in 1987. During his initial years, he saw a lot of men and women lose their hair to alopecia and chemotherapy.

Hair replacement has always been an area of interest for him. Realising that glue, clips or chemical materials were not the right answer, he started his research which led him to create the patented Micro Point method. A quick, non-surgical procedure with no risks, Micro Point is suitable for all types of hair loss.

Today, Awrad Hair Care Center is a global entity, covering clientele demands in Europe, GCC and Middle East. 

Mr. Kianoosh proceeds with care as a stylist and each intervention is work of art. He has dedicated his life to bring solutions to hair loss in GCC and around the world. 

Consulting Manager

Lida Tajik is the heart and soul of Awrad Hair Care Center. Her personalised approach to consultation and strong business acumen has transformed Awrad Center into a global brand. 

Ms Lida studied Business Management and Entrepreneurship in France.


She is the driving force in introducing Micro Point Solutions to a larger audience. Her passion is to see people smile when they look in the mirror and see beauty and natural look of their hair. 

As the consultant manager, she oversees most client cases and offers hands-on consultation. She treats every customer, man or woman, with care, respect and love. Her love for helping people has made Awrad what it is today. 

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