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What is the Micro Point Solution Program?

Micro Point Solutions does offer an extension called Micro Point Accents. You can use accents to volumes and create more density for short or medium length hair, or if you are a candidate with long hair, receive Micro Point Accents to lengthen and volumes your hair. Micro Point Accents come in two lengths: 10 or 18 inches. Micro Point Accents are very lightweight and will not pull on your own growing hair when it is wet or dry.


What makes Micro Point Solution by Awrad Hair better than other processes?

A Micro Point Solution is totally unique from any other process because:
Awrad Hair is so lightweight and so similar to growing human hair, you can’t feel it and you can’t differentiate it from your own hair.

With Micro Point Solutions, you can add up to 600 hairs in one hour.

Absolutely no chemicals or glues are used.

Will the Micro Point Solutions procedure be painful?

The Micro Point Solutions procedure is not painful. Some of our clients say their scalp feels a little tight right after the procedure, and this feeling lasts for no more then a couple of days.

Will I lose additional hair by using Micro Point Solutions products?

No. The only hair you lose is from the shedding of your own natural growing hair, just as it did before you started any of the Micro Point Solutions procedures.

Is it okay to use blow dryers and curling irons to style my hair with Micro Point Solutions?

Cool blow dryers and warm curling irons can be used.

What happens when I need a haircut?

You can have your haircut just as you would have always done, or you can discuss this with your certified Micro Point Solutions technician.


Does exposure to the sun affect any of the Micro Points Solutions procedures?

No. None of the procedures will discolor or break when exposed to the sun.

Will chlorinated water affect any Micro Point Solutions procedures?

No. None of the procedures will discolor or break, even if you swim daily.


Can I perm, foil or relax my hair with Micro Point Solutions?

Yes, you can. However, Awrad Hair has color and style memory. In fact, your Micro Point Solutions consultant can use different colors of Awrad Hair to create special color effects in your hair without your own natural growing hair being subjected to some of these chemical processes.

Will I need a special brush or comb for styling my hair with Micro Point Solutions?

Your Micro Point Solutions technician will provide you with a special brush for all your needs, and will recommend the proper tools.

Can I have my scalp massaged when I have Micro Point Link?

Yes you can have your scalp massaged. You can ask your certified Micro Point Solutions professional what type of massage would be best for your type of application.

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