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Micro Point is the leading and patented solution for men and women who suffer from hair loss due to heredity conditions, wounds and burns, effects of chemicals like chemotherapy, neuralgic stresses, hair loss after pregnancy and lactation, etc.

After examination and determination of hair loss areas, the specialist explains the method to the client and acquires his consent. Then hair is sampled from several points and the samples are examined in the laboratory. The hairs are studied for texture and color, softness and hardness, and elasticity.

Then the appropriate hair is selected from our archive, consisting of 100% natural hair types. The selected hair is proliferated for 15 to 25 days, without any need for the client to be present in this period. The duration for performing the Micro Point (placement of hair on the scalp) is 10 to 18 hours, depending on the extent of hair loss area.

Micro Point System is complete and unique with natural hair. It is a pain free form of hair replacement which does not affect your existing hair. After the placement of the new hair, the skin of your head breathes like before. You can brush your hair, bathe, exercise, and even stroke your hair for ablution.


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